artigram 11.3.23

Guidelines for uploading images

Upload 10-20 photos of your subject. AI art portraits that look just like you will be generated based on the collection you choose

It is recommended that you take

  •   10+ face close-ups (*1 image with closed eyes would be great)
  •   1 photo of each of your side profiles
  •   5 photos from the chest upwards
  •   3 full body photos or entire object


✅ Show your shoulders

✅ Only you in the photos

✅ Photos with different facial expression

✅ Photos in different locations

✅ Photos in different backgrounds

✅ Photos in different angles

✅ Photos at different times of day

✅ Look into the camera and also away

✅ JPG, PNG, WEBP or HEIC formats

Not good:

❌ No kids

❌ Not other people in the photo

❌ Not the same expression on every photo

❌ No black and white photos

❌ Not only photos looking INTO the camera

❌ None or light makeup

❌ No duplicate photos of the subject

❌ No sunglasses

❌ No nudes (swimwear/lingerie is okay)


Our Guarantee


Original and creative AI art, meeting high standards


Unique, and one-of-a-kind pieces.


Exceptional AI artists with a team of experts


Customer satisfaction, with support to resolve any issues


Timely delivery, with fast and reliable service

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