10 Best Illustration Artists to follow on Instagram this December 2021


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It’s the end of the year but it’s just the start of something new as we share with you our new Digital Artists feature for this month. Check out and follow how these ten digital artists on Instagram embrace surrealism in their own taste and style that captivates their audience and brings them to a world of bizarre and whimsical works. 


Chris Buzelli is a talented artist who works on disturbing surreal works that will make you imagine fictitious characters from a novel you just read. The subject of his works are animals and humans. He would combine a lion with wings or a bird holding a popsicle using its beak or a gorilla reading a newspaper. Anyone who would look at  each of his masterpieces will say that there’s a hidden meaning in each odd combination and a secret message that the artist wants to convey. His other works show the cycle of life of man and animals like a human skull surrounded by rats or gummy worms, an owl eating a gummy rat and more. See it for yourself and you’ll be astounded. 

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Deep, dark, and mysterious. This is how we can best describe Scott’s surreal works. He has a brilliant imagination and curious spirit which he shows off in his works. Imagine a skull with a broken top placed with a  flower or several flowers having one pollen replaced with an eye. This makes his viewers wonder if it could be the skeletons’ lost eye? His other works are composed of mushrooms with an eye and a snail on top, aliens and monster-like images that depict dark humor sending creepy yet interesting thoughts in the viewer’s mind. 

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What do you think about an octopus sitting on a kids stroller while a mother is gazing at it happily? How sweet right? Well you can also say that it’s bizarre but totally interesting to the eye! Marco Polo Rules does an amazing job in creating surreal works that have a blend of vintage styles into his works. Take a look at colored skulls, a library found hidden behind the door of your grandfather’s clock or children who escaped from the bedroom and are seated on top of a huge bird flying their way towards a world of their dreams. It gives that timeless feels sending a chill down your spine followed by a comical aura. 

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Surrealism makes artists go beyond the ordinary and by creating unique outcomes using people, animals, objects, and almost about everything as their subject. Byousart creates incredible surreal artworks that is definitely a scroll stopper on Instagram. Expect a superb job with the fine details on each of the compositions. Whether it’s an alien, astronaut or animals combined all in one. Some of his works feature a woman with shark heads as eyes popping right out with wide mouths opened or a person with headlights as his eyes and a car on top of his head. You can also get a neat surprise of a box of different heads placed on one body if you’re lucky.

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Can’t get enough of eerie surreal works? Check out this one from JM Aguado. His surreal works are finely created capturing his audience’s attention. Unlike other surreal artists, he doesn’t just take two or three subjects and combine them but he combines as much as he can. Some artworks may make you flinch a bit as you wonder how creative his mind could be in building each masterpiece and how fast each concept becomes whole in his mind. We can also say that his works somehow reminds us of Pixar’s Coco which portrays the Day of the Dead. 

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Robert is a visual artist from California who uses a grotesque art genre in his works. Inspired by nature you’ll find his works connected with flora and fauna because of its vast vivid colors of sea creatures and underwater plants. It gives a whole new twist because this is not your ordinary sea adventure. Think about a human skull in the sea surrounded by moths or black butterflies. He creates a different experience for viewers to see an unseen futuristic world of underwater creatures glowing invitingly. All we can say is that you want to swim right in and discover for yourself these chilling and magnificent new species crafted by the hands of this artist. 

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Want to take a look at more colorful skeletons? Charlie Immer creates not just colorful skeletons and skulls but he also included intestines, fruits, and more in his masterpieces. His works may remind us of the cartoon Happy Tree Friends because of the dark humor and slow sarcastic torture between two subjects. His works show off melting or dripping colors of blood from his characters or maybe it’s just a banana or strawberry that accidentally got crushed. Who knows? All that we know is that they are having fun and that they’ll get back together in one piece after a squishy battle. 

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Take a look at the imaginative works of the Aivax Family with the marvelous skills of digital artist and mother Vanessa Rivera. On this Instagram account it’s not only the person who does all the work but the entire family has a role to take. Vanessa’s three children are the main subjects and inspiration for each masterpiece that shows whimsical and terrific details that takes us to a child’s dreamland. It brings you to an adventure either a ship that is high up in the sky or huge desserts that come alive. Feast your eyes on these wonderful works that will satisfy your childhood desires.  

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If sports is your thing, visiting the Instagram account of gameofhost is the best way to go. 

His works are awesome because the illustrations are so good and they look so real. Getting the details of the movement of every player is just amazing. We can definitely say that the illustrator knows his craft. It’s nice to see as well that each basketball player is given a unique twist by adding other design elements or dressing them up with other attires aside from jerseys. Checking this out gives you an artistic point of view about sports.

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Learn more about Japanese art through Vincent Trinidad’s cool works. If you want to know the basics about Japanese culture, his fabulous works show Mount Fuji, Japanese food and different kinds of animals like turtles, sharks and T-Rex. Yes, T-Rex is there. Imagine a cat riding a motorcycle or one that is dressed as a cute and fierce warrior. It just looks perfect on a black shirt. You’ll be surprised to see Japanese food like sushi, ramen, takoyaki, onigiri and more turned into cute cartoon characters that’s inviting and portrays a lot about Japanese style and design. 

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