About Us

When you publish great content online, people like and share it; why not give them an option to do the same in the real world? This can be done by transforming your content into tangible merchandise.

This is why we built Artigram; Artigram makes your content available for people to purchase on tangible products instantly, in a user-friendly way.

Why we did it?

In today world , every one is  a brand name and with the evolution of  internet, IOT and digital equipment, an on demand production as come to life in full scale. That lead to  revolution on small business function to create value as big conglomerate when connect the right chain. That exactly what we did, when you buy from Artigram, you don’t only buy your unique creation from hard working individual like you, you support independent manufacturer that produce the item on his family work shop and sent it to you.

Our Commitment

  • Fare usage right with intellectual property
  • Working with less polluted technologies
  • 100% Customer satisfaction