How to Generate Traffic and Sales using Reddit and Artigram

Reddit with Artigram

Utilize Artigram with Reddit can create enhance commerce funnel.


What is Reddit?

Most people don’t understand what Reddit is all about. The UI looks outdated, which might make dealing with it discouraging at first, but its power is immense: Reddit has over 430 million users, and it’s the 5th most popular site in the US, with over 50% of its traffic coming from within the US.

Therefore, if you understand what these numbers mean, the obvious conclusion is that Reddit is a massive tool that you shouldn’t be sleeping on.

So, how do you start?


Reddit is a social news platform that’s divided into topics, by way of “subreddits”, which are essentially communities of users that find interest in those topics.

A post on Reddit is called a “submission”, and community members are called Redditors. They can either upvote or downvote each post.


The beautiful thing about this platform is that you can find groups of people who are discussing just about any topic you may think of, which means that it doesn’t matter what the topic of your visual content is, there are subreddits for which your content will be appealing, as long as it is relevant to the group’s discussion.


The key thing is to gauge the community’s response to your posts, which can be evaluated by the amount of upvotes your posts receive.


If a post doesn’t receive enough upvoting, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your content is not good, as it may just mean that your post just belongs in a different, more accurate subreddit. Considering that there are over a million groups on reddit, so you should be able to find one at least one for which your content is a good fit.


Also, it’s highly important to read the group’s rules in order to understand what’s forbidden to post in the group, and what is okay.


So technically, how do you use Artigram on Reddit?


Once you found relevant subreddits for which your visual content is a good fit, you can start posting your images to Reddit directly from your account on Artigram.


Once Reddit users love your images and click on them, they will be redirect to your Artigram gallery page where they can shop your designs on tangible products. It’s that easy!

Artigram for reddit

And one more important point: Reddit is very sensitive to marketing and spamming. This makes Artigram a great match for Reddit, Because Artigram is non-intrusive by nature and the images that you are posting from it are regular images that don’t constitute blunt marketing.

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