How to Sell on Instagram with Artigram?

Instagram Users Artigram


You publish great content on your Instagram account, and people love it! It can be an inspiring photo you shared, an artistic illustration you created, or a cool meme.

When people enjoy your work online, they like and share it; it resonates with how they feel, or it inspires them to dream and achieve.


How great would it be if you could help them express their inspiration in the real world too, and be in greater harmony with themselves?

To understand how to use Artigram’s capability in Instagram, keep in mind that Instagram doesn’t allow links in your account, unless if your account is a business account. Therefore, do as follows:

  2. 1. Upload your image to Artigram before you post it on Instagram, and get the link from Artigram for the store with products of that image.
  4. 2. Publish the same image on Instagram.
  6. 3. On the image’s description on Instagram, add the text for the link that Artigram generated for that image, so that your followers can copy it from there.
  8. 4. Alternatively, you can upgrade your Instagram account to business (pay per click to Instagram).

In addition to the above, Instagram does allow having one link only in your bio page. Therefore, we strongly advise you to add your Artigram account link to your bio on Instagram, which will make life much easier for people to find your Artigram gallery.

Artigram for Instagram

If the link at your bio page is already taken, you can use tools such as Linktree to link multiple links to your Instagram bio.

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