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Content creators and social influencers can start earn money instantly with Artigram

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How do i get started

  1. Sign up to Artigram
  2. Upload your images and follow the guidelines to create your profile.
  3. Finish your account details and that’s it!

 Now users can start buy products featuring that images  instantly from your gallery.

Does Artigram store activate instantly?

Yes! once you open your shop and upload images, the store is ready for work.

Once orders are made, the entire process from payment to production and delivery is handled by us!

what so unique about artigram

Every image uploaded to the Artigram , is automatically transformed to lucrative merchandise shop ready to start working. The platform will do the hard job and will embed and stretch the image on the product automatically according to the aspect ratio of the image and user will see only products that fits to image aspect ratio in store. This way, you can generate widest selection of optimal products per any image you upload, save time on setup and let your audience high product catalog to choose from according for there needs.

What makes Artigram an immersive commerce solution for social media platforms?

Whenever you publish images to social media, run the same images through Artigram, in return, you will receive a shop per each image you upload and sales mockups for you to publish online so that your crowd know that your images are shoppable.

Using this power, creators can share images on social platforms like Instagram or Facebook and start monetizing their social reach or even run sponsored ad campaigns per any image they like.


Can I set prices and select which products are sold in my online stores?

 Yes! Via the admin panel on your commerce dashboard, you have control over store prices and products, and can review your account’s performance (sales, orders received, and much more).

Is there a setup fee?

 Absolutely not! Artigram is completely free. Since Artigram manufactures a product only after it is actually ordered, it spares time and cashflow investments in inventory, which makes it possible to offer Artigram’s service for free. On your end, zero risk is involved!