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Summer camp. The place where so many great memories are made.


For many children and adolescents, it’s the first experience of independence, away from their parents. A place where they can be themselves, meet new people, and find self-expression like never before. A place where boundaries are redefined, and new friendships are born. A place where many discover inspiration and drive, and develop interests and skills.


The thing that makes this thing possible, is the camp experience.


You possess the know-how that delivers magic. You create this unique setting in which labels are shed, and is so physically, intellectually, and socially stimulating. You reinforce independence, empower young adults, facilitate creativity, and at the end of the day, the result is great – campers and parents LOVE it.


I have such great memories from the summer camps I attended, as well as some really good friends. Those times in summer camp are to this day some of the best experiences of my life. This is why I feel comfortable saying that the camp business goes well beyond the scope of putting together a great workshop or a recreational activity. Whether you know it or not, you are in the business of creating lifelong memories. And, great memories are among the best assets that we have. This is why they should be celebrated. And this is where Artigram comes in.


On the surface, Artigram is an online platform that takes images and generates products out of them:

But at the core, it’s a much more sophisticated platform: it allows you to offer each camper an option to buy the memories that are special to them, on tangible products, without you having to hold any inventory.

How? Just upload camp images to Artigram, share your gallery page with campers, and let them buy the products that they love and cherish.

Artigram enables you to create a new and additional source of revenue, hassle-free; it’s a full eCommerce suite, and handles all the tedious parts of running an eCommerce operation: orders, customer support, manufacturing, and everything that goes into fulfillment.

To utilize the power of Artigram, all you need to do is what you already do anyway: create those special moments.

Essentially, Artigram is an “experience resonation platform”: once a great memory is made, Artigram can give it a tangible imprint. Similarly to how echo resonates sound, our products resonate those great moments in life. So, if you think about it, Artigram is a natural extension of what you already do.

So, this is why you should start using Artigram today:

  1.   Add a new, additional source of revenue.

  2.   Strengthen brand awareness.

  3.   Serve your purpose even better.

Oh, and by the way – it costs you nothing! (yep, it’s 100% free).

So, are you looking to take your campers’ experience to the next level? Would you like to make some new additional revenue off of the great work that you already do?

Start Artigram now.